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How to play Multi-Strike Poker.
On this high action, multiple hand game, you start in familiar territory.  You can play any of your favorite 12 poker games from the Game King library. So, choose your favorite.
First, decide on how high you want to climb by pressing the Select Hands button.  You can play 1,2,3, or 4 hands.  The more hands you play, the more chances you have to take advantage of the soaring paytable multipliers, because for each additional hand, winnings increase geometrically.  And, you play the next hand without risking what you have already won!
Press the Bet Per Hand button to select the wager amount.   But remember, the Royal Flush only pays the bonus with 2 or more hands wagered at 5 points per hand.
Press the Deal button to receive your first hand. On the deal, you'll receive five cards face up.  Just like your favorite video poker, hold the cards you think you might be able to build into a winning hand.
Press Draw to discard the remaining cards in exchange for up to 5 cards from the same deck.  If the hand is a winner, then the winning hand's title is displayed with the number of points you have won, and play moves up to the next hand, and a shot at double the paytable that you have just won.
As you try to climb all four rungs, don't be surprised if you start feeling a little dizzy.  It's not fear of falling -- you always keep what you have already won!  The heart pounding excitement is because you know that the Multi-Strike Poker paytable multiplier, 2X on the second rung, 4X on the third rung, and 8X on the top rung means winning hands award ever increasing payoffs as you climb the Multi-Strike Poker paytable ladder.
And because everyone needs a helping hand once in a while, Multi-Strike Poker also features a randomly appearing Free Ride card.  The Free Ride's appearance as one of the initial five dealt cards on any rung automatically flies you up to the next level after the hand is done, even if the played hand is not a winner.  
And, with the next progression now in the bag, maybe you let the pair of jacks go and try for the Royal Flush with the big multiplier.  How's that for a new twist to your favorite poker strategy?
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